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Luna H2O


  • 8 Hour Run Time
  • Real-Time Display
  • Holds 800mL of desired liquid
  • USB-C Charging (Lightning-Fast)

Say Goodbye to stress, headaches, dry cough and sinus issues with Luna. We designed the perfect humidifier, meant to keep you comfortable, clear and confident.

Our Humidifier features a mute mode, meaning you can enjoy all of the benefits without missing a moment of precious sleep. The Huey isn’t big, it isn’t loud, and it isn’t expensive. Everything it isn’t, adds to everything it is! Small enough to avoid “being an eye-sore”, quiet enough to place in a sleeping infant’s room, and affordable enough to make you wonder why you didn’t buy 2!


  • Spray : the spray is fine, keeping the room humid, not wet.
  • Size : small size, big capacity (800mL)
  • Display : Intelligent Display Screen
  • Anti-Gravity : While it’s not from the future, the anti-gravity water droplets will make you question how you got such a good deal.


Size : 120*131mm

Weight : 450g

Operating Temp : 0-40 C

Tank Capacity : 800mL